Jyotsna Singh

Jyotsna Singh, the grand-daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, has inherited her grandfather’s passion for jewelry.

The brand name, Manjusha, means a treasure chest of jewels. Appropriately the cultural underpinnings of Jyotsna's creations lie in oriental and asian traditions, and yet are married to western sensibilities and contemporary tastes. The uniqueness of Manjusha Jewel's collections of fusion jewelry lie in a fascinating blend of craftsmanship and tradition spanning generations in diverse cultures. A gifted designer, Jyotsna has always been drawn to color, artisan work and stones. Her fascination with jewelry started when she was exposed to the magnificent family jewels in the royal house of Patiala. 

Jyotsna draws from her life experiences around the world in her work. Her jewelry embraces the contemporary, and honours the past. Critically, she has been able to successfully apply traditional techniques of exquisite intricate design usually reserved only for precious stones and metals to affordable and more wearable new-age materials. Manjusha Jewels has made this kind of jewelry accessible to people--something that Jyotsna considers her biggest triumph. All women, she says, need to feel like they're stepping out of the ordinary when they wear a bespoke piece of jewelry.  


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