Starry Nights

August 13, 2021

Starry Nights


Manjusha Jewels’ designer Jyotsna “Joey” Singh is often sought out because of her royal heritage. A curiosity about her grandfather, his appetite for luxury, and his impressive Cartier collection has led to media interviews and guest appearances at museum exhibits featuring Patiala crown jewels. While he undoubtedly remains an inspiration to her, it’s Joey’s love of fine art that she infuses in her designs that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Joey has traveled all around the world to get up close with her favorite works of art. From Ravi Verma and MF Hussain, whose paintings illustrate the beauty of Indian culture, to Renaissance artists including Da Vinci and Botticelli, Joey collects concepts to recreate in gleaming gems for her clients to adorn themselves in the bold colors and energy encapsulated within each of her designs.

But there’s one artist that she returns to time and time again, most recently finding herself completely awestruck under a canopy of his work: Vincent van Gogh. His daring use of color, understanding of light and movement, and respect for nature are all theories that she shares with the late Dutch impressionist painter.

And it was during her Van Gogh Immersive experience, that she made note of the textures and contrasting colors, applying them to a few of her designs. Impasto techniques translated into hand-formed bevels of rich gold set against vibrant blue Lapis Lazuli with flecks of shimmering pyrite mimic a dark, starry night, whispering her admiration and a peek into her coming fall collection. ∎

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Van Gogh Immersive experience

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