The Power of Peridot at the City Palace of Jaipur

August 14, 2020

The Power of Peridot at the City Palace of Jaipur


Whether it be the sights and sounds of a familiar place, or a newly discovered piece of art, these often give rise to our creative endeavors. Manjusha Jewels’ designer Jyotsna “Joey” Singh finds herself immensely influenced by art and nature, especially those closely connected to her cultural and ancestral heritage.

When viewed as a form of visual art, architecture, with all its complex shapes and colors, is a vast source of artistic inspiration. Indian architecture, in particular, is deep rooted in history and religion and has given rise to remarkable palaces and temples. Perhaps the most widely recognized is the City Palace at Jaipur in Northern India. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II commissioned the palace when he moved his court to Jaipur circa 1727. Constructed in a blend of the Mughal and Rajput architectural styles, the City Palace is an elaborate maze of gardens, temples, courtyards, and buildings.


City Palace, Jaipur (Wikimedia Commons)

Of all the mesmerizing facades, the third courtyard is home to four brilliantly adorned gates that just may be the most captivating of all (Lotus, Peacock, Rose, and Leheriya). The Leheriya (meaning waves) Gate is a vivid representation of spring. The gleaming gold doors are surrounded by an intricate wave-like pattern of green tiles that are evocative of Peridot gemstones. It is believed that Peridot – the birthstone of August – is a cleanser of the soul, bringing positive change, awareness, and positivity into our lives. So, it is fitting that the Leheriya Gate is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god of new beginnings.

Leheriya Gate at the City Palace, Jaipur (Wikimedia Commons)

Though Joey designs with a variety of green gemstones – brilliant Green Emeralds, rare Green Onyx, deep Green Tourmaline, and more – Peridot is among her favorite. Its calming olive-green tone is said to promote relaxation and open our hearts to joy. Paired with a variety of powerful gemstones and brilliant gold, Manjusha Jewels' Peridot pieces are sure to captivate and inspire. 

Natalia Drop Necklace by Manjusha Jewels



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