Gleaming Garnet Gems

January 15, 2021

Gleaming Garnet Gems

Gemstones are where it all began for Manjusha Jewels’ designer, Joey. Her interest emerged at a young age with glimpses into the magnificent story of her family’s royal past told through treasured gleaming gems passed down through each generation. And when she began designing jewelry, gemstones became a natural feature included in her legacy creations. But one stone stood out as a favorite – Garnet.


Manjusha Jewels Legacy Garnet Design

A believer in the energy contained within gems, Joey’s attraction to Garnet stems from its harmonizing properties, as well as from its alluring earthy hues and fascinating history.

The word Garnet originates from the Phoenician term punica geranatum and later Latin derivative granatus. Garnets are typically found near the Earth’s surface and are comprised of differing minerals that share a crystal structure. The natural form of Garnet is strikingly similar in shape and color to the pomegranate seed, as is their organic cluster-like development. So, it’s no wonder that the modern-day Spanish word granada means pomegranate.


 Photo by Margarita Zueva on Unsplash

Ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans prized the stone, making it an important part of their daily lives through their mythologies, in turn giving meaning to the world around them. An example of this can been seen in the Greek mythological story of Persephone. The goddess was said to be cast off to live with – and later marry – Hades after eating from the forbidden pomegranate tree that was perceived as a metaphor for worldly temptations.

Though historically Garnets are described as red in color, it is not uncommon to see them in a wide variety of colors that differ based on their chemical composition. Most of these varieties come from Africa. Among them are green (Tanzania), yellow (Mali), and purple (Mozambique).

Whether for their history, enticing rainbow spectrum, healing properties believed to cleanse the soul, or if you are January-born, Manjusha’s exceptional Garnet jewelry designs bring beauty and positive energy to every person they grace.


Manjusha Jewels Garnet Design (Current collection)

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